5 Top Home Builders in Florida

Top home builders in florida

Florida is the southernmost and third largest state in East USA. Affectionately referred to as the Sunshine State for its year-round stunning weather, Florida has been a thriving ground for home development for decades now. A well-round balance between the state’s natural beauty and urban modernity makes Florida a sought-after destination when it comes to home development. Friendly communities make it more inviting and appealing for families planning to shift to this coastal paradise.

Florida is one of the first states to be explored in the country. For hundreds of years, people have flocked the state to form numerous communities across the state. Some of America’s most stunning beaches and major centers of trade and commerce can be found in Florida. An amalgamation of natural beauty and business opportunities make Florida one of the most sought-after location for first-time home buyers. Nevertheless, planning to shift to Florida is the easy part, setting up a home of your dream is not.

To save you from the trouble of searching the best home builders, we have compiled the top home builders in Florida for you to consider. These builders offer custom homes and opportunities to develop new communities across the state. In this list, you will find out more information about the best builders in Florida and how they can help you in turning your dream for a custom-built home into a reality.

The list of top home builders in Florida are:

#1: M/I Homes

First on the list of top home builders in Florida is M/I Homes. They started in 1976 and have been into the business of real estate for more than 40 years now. A rich vein of experience has helped them master the art of constructing innovative, high quality, and desirable homes. M/I Homes communities are located all over Florida. Do visit M/I Homes to know more about them and browse among the 9,000+ home designs that they have come across the state and the country.

#2: Josh Wynne Construction

Josh Wynne Constructiony started off as a carpentry contracting company in 1998. Established by Josh and Michelle Wynne, it has gone on to evolve into a custom home building company. Their expertise lies in designing unique, sustainable homes that maximize the livability in Florida’s unique climate. Josh Wynne Construction has been recognized as a LEED builder in the USA because of their techniques and methods used for third-party certification proof of high-performance home building.

#3: Aurora Builders

Another name on the list of top home builders in Florida are Aurora Builders. Aurora Builders have a reputation for building custom homes to match the style of the individual family occupying it. Regardless of the size and cost, they build homes that truly reflect the lifestyle of the family inhabiting it. Aurora Custom Homes works on a low volume approach to dedicate more time to their valued clients during the planning and design stages of their home. A combined approach to the design process benefits the owner in choosing a combination of architectural creativity and functional practicality. Always rated among the top builders in Florida, Aurora Custom Homes and Remodeling has been exceeding expectations for more than 20 years now. The secret to it is most of all other things – personal service and quality craftsmanship.

#4: Dream Finders Homes

In addition to the above names, we cannot forget to add Dream Finders Homes. This national home builder is a private conglomerate that is devoted to building homes of high quality at affordable prices. They pride themselves on their transparency in the construction process that goes into building a home. As a privately-owned company, they have a commitment to deliver to their customer. Superior building products, new home construction practices and the ability to personalize your home make them one of the top builders in Florida. They pair stylish architecture with livable home designs. If they’r with you, you could add your own distinctive taste to the architectural masterpieces they offer you. They guarantee customer satisfaction at every level of the construction process.

#5: Glenn Layton Homes

Finally, the last name on the list of top home builders in Florida are Glenn Layton Homes. If it’s the coastal lifestyle that appeals to you, then you should most definitely approach Glenn Layton Homes for their custom-built coastal homes. The coastal lifestyle home designs include indoor and outdoor living. They incorporate unique style and design for you to have an entertaining time with your family and friends. Glenn Layton Homes has been building homes throughout Jacksonville and Northeast Florida and is a sought-after name in these communities. If you have your design and plot, Glenn Layton Homes will build it for you. Approach them today to take your coastal lifestyle dream closer to reality.

It is evident that Florida is brimming with top builders who work round-the-clock to turn your dreams into reality. It’s up to you to decide on the type of style that you want to incorporate into your homes. Any idea that you may have will the see the light of the day thanks to these top builders in Florida. Get in touch with one the home builders today to start enjoying the lifestyle that you always dreamt of.

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