CUCKOOLANDS blog was commenced back in 2017 as a resource to authentic real estate agents and brokers that needed some solemn direction when it came to marketing their authentic real estate business.

Cuckoolands is exhilarated to promulgate that we are now accepting guest blog submissions. We’re probing for contributors who love to apportion their expertise and cognizance about the authentic estate industry to the world. And our goal is to publish to hit your marketing goals.

This is where CuckooLands.com comes in…

We’ve found that the best advice emanates from years of experience, many failed projects and even many more prosperous ones. More categorically, the authentic experts are the ones that research, plan, test, analyze, optimize and then reiterate the whole process over again and again. These are the people you optate advice from.

Those people make up our team.

Enough about us though as this blog is not for us…it’s for you – the authentic real estate agent.

Whether you’re pristinely incipient to the business or have consistently topped lists of the nations best agents, there is absolutely something to learn from the authentic estate marketing tips, hints, hacks & advice that we have posted here and will perpetuate to post here.

Go ahead and drop in and feel free to contact us with any feedback or questions.

Most importantly, thanks for coming to visit. We hope we’re able to turn you into a staunch and long-term reader.

Cheer Up! 🙂