8 Features That Make Labor Camps in Dubai Ideal


8 Features That Make Labor Camps in Dubai Ideal

February 13, 2018 Real Estate 0

The search for suitable jobs brings many people to Dubai from different countries across the world. These people are trained to do jobs as laborers in different industries, mainly in the manufacturing sector. As these people have no home in this foreign city, it falls on the employing companies to provide accommodations to them. Hence, these companies need to buy ready-made labor camps in Dubai, where the outsourced laborers can live while working for these organizations.

The real estate companies of Dubai offer various types of labor accommodations as per the requirements and the budget of the client companies. Some companies also prefer to buy separate accommodation for the laborers working in different departments with distinct sets of skills. There are many features which should be present in an ideal labor accommodation in Dubai that the buyer needs to check before making the final payment of the deal.

Features that should be present in an ideal Dubai labor accommodation 

  • Close proximity to work – The labor camp should be in close vicinity to the manufacturing unit or the factory so that the laborers can easily commute to their working place without spending much on the traveling cost and also reach in short time. This is the reason why the labor villages of Dubai Industrial Park are located very close to the working stations of different companies situated in that area.


  • Size of the accommodation – The size of the labor camp or the required number of rooms depends on the numbers of laborers that need to be accommodated there. Generally, comfortable arrangements are made for accommodating multiple laborers in a single large room. Most of the rooms are designed to accommodate up to 8 persons in each room, where they can rest comfortably after work every day.


  • Presence of all amenities – The labor camps should have kitchens and bathrooms with all the necessary amenities like geysers, ovens, microwave, refrigerators, and washing machine, so the laborers can be ensured of a comfortable life while working in these companies in Dubai. They can also be provided with television and access to cable channels for recreation at leisure times.



  • Availability of all public services – The labor camps in Dubai should have the restaurants, saloons, shopping arcades, laundry services, cyber cafes, and banks in close proximity. Having these essential services are important for their well-being and make them contribute more to their employers.


  • Close to place of worship – Having a place of worship nearby will allow the religious-minded laborers in their labor camps to visit and offer their prayers and retain their peace of mind. This can positively impact the workers’ mindset and behavior and keep them motivated.


  • Health-care facilities – The laborers may fall sick and need immediate medical attention. So, it is essential to have health-care centers close to every labor accommodation in Dubai for fast medical treatment of the ill or injured laborers, in case of an urgent requirement. Some companies also keep arrangements of ambulance services near the labor camps to carry the seriously ill patients to the bigger hospitals of Dubai for providing them the best treatments possible.


  • Easy availability of public transport – The site of the chosen labor camp should be well connected with all the other parts of the city with buses and taxis, so that the laborers may visit elsewhere in their free times without any hassle. Having labor camps close to an affordable public transport system, like the Metro rail, will allow the laborers to minimize their travel expenses.


  • Easy access to recreational features – It is better if there are some theatre halls and sports complexes nearby the labor camps. This will let the laborers enjoy their free times by watching the movie shows or concerts or the games organized at these recreational spaces.

Having these facilities will help the laborers enjoy their stay at the labor accommodations in Dubai, which in turn will encourage a loyal workforce devoted to the growth and success of their respective employers.